Physical Therapy For Elbow And Wrist Pain

Physical Therapy For Elbow And Wrist Pain

The most common types of injuries of the elbow and wrist are overuse injuries. We use our arms repeatedly throughout the day for all types of activities so it is no wonder that painful conditions can develop. Whether you live an active lifestyle or not, elbow and wrist pain can strike anytime. Pain in the elbow and wrist can follow trauma or be a symptom of an overuse syndrome. Simply sitting in front of a computer can contribute to an elbow and wrist pain condition. Physical therapy for elbow and wrist pain can treat patients with injury or a chronic pain condition. Our physical therapists can evaluate and customize a treatment plan for you so that your elbow and wrist can regain their function and mobility helping you to return to work or other activities that you enjoy. Our goal with physical therapy for elbow and wrist pain to is help our patients get back to living the pain free life they enjoy.

Below you will find a list of links for common diagnoses associated with elbow and wrist pain, all successfully treated with physical therapy.

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